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  • GORANO DAM TRIP : Water is life

    GORANO DAM TRIP : Water is life

    Thar coal projects are poisoning all forms of life in Tharparkar region. Tharparkar’s local communities demand that government should halt and minimise the environmental and econimic devastation wrought on local ecoligies by coal mining and coal-based power generation. The people demanded that coal companies and government must rectify the destruction of underground water and environment…

  • “ICT’s Climate and Education”

    “ICT’s Climate and Education”

    Today a delegation of EU partners and management of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) visited the Climate Action Center for a discussion on “ICT AppliCaTIons for Sustainable enVironmental protEction” acronymed as ACTIVE project. …. technology #climate #environment #education #collaboration #cackarachi #activeproject #eu #climatechangenow #ssuet

  • Birdwatching adventure organized by CAC!

    Birdwatching adventure organized by CAC!

    “A successful birdwatching adventure organized by CAC! From breathtaking views to exciting sightings, our team had a fantastic time exploring the wonders of nature together. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this memorable journey! 🐦🌿 #CACBirdwatching #NatureExploration #cackarachi

  • BioMed ng. Students from MUET Visit CAC

    BioMed ng. Students from MUET Visit CAC

    Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro visited the Climate Action Center Karachi. Students of third year from the Biomedical engineering department, shared their take on climate justice and the importance of adopting green technology & shifting away from fossil fuels. As engineers they expressed their interest in research in their future projects… #environment #climatechange…

  • Urban Forest

    Urban Forest

  • Mangroves to Market

    Mangroves to Market

    The Climate Action Center hosted an event exploring the Delta Blue Carbon Initiative’s impact on Pakistan’s coastal regions. The panel discussion featured experts, including Maha Qasim, Riaz Wagan, and Aslam Mallah, physically present, while Dr. Khalid Waleed and Ali Tauqeer joined virtually. The event addressed Blue Carbon’s potential, focusing on mangrove restoration in the Indus…

  • Air Quality Workshop – SSUET

    Air Quality Workshop – SSUET

    The Climate Action Center expresses gratitude to the Civil Engineering Department of Sir Syed University for a valuable collaboration in organizing a workshop on “Air Quality Nexus: Bridging Health, Climate Change, and Energy.

  • Jet Cafe – January

    Jet Cafe – January

    Inauguration ceremony of Just Energy Transition Cafe at CAC in collaboration with CSSP, a cafe where green energy experts came to foster dialogue for inclusive frameworks and policies.

  • CAMAT – I Orientation

    CAMAT – I Orientation

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