Air Quality Maps

We all share the air in Earth’s fragile atmosphere which have now been under attack by greenhouse gases for a century. The people of Karachi are 27 million with 13 million children who want clean air.

Breathing is essential for our survival, and polluted air shortens our lives, increases illness, and affects our respiratory health. Clean air is a fundamental requirement for a healthy life, and it’s an intimate necessity for all species. The most vulnerable, such as babies, asthmatics, the sick, and the elderly, suffer the most.

In the past year, from May 2022 to April 2023, Darya Lab launched the Clean Air Karachi campaign, a dedicated effort to foster awareness regarding clean air through impactful workshops and media initiatives. The campaign also delved into the legal aspects of this critical issue.

In the ongoing year, CAC remains steadfast in its commitment to the Clean Air Karachi mission, determined to elevate the city’s consciousness regarding the urgency of attaining clean air.

Cleaning Karachi’s Air – English

Cleaning Karachi’s Air – Urdu

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