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Darya Gallery at CAC Karachi is a dynamic multipurpose space to have art and culture, science and advocacy converge in the anthropocene. Featuring exhibits, interactiveness and tech, it educates visitors about the climate emergency and with opportunity to get involved in campaigns. This gallery hosts workshops, lectures, and community events, fostering a collective commitment to a livable future. Darya Gallery welcomes proposals and ideas for events/activities throughout the year.

Exhibit Discovery دریافت

While sufism and science represent distinct human endeavors, with distinct methods, they share a commitment to the pursuit of truth and the mystery of existence. In this collaboration, Naveed A Waghani and Sameeta Ahmed explore the themes of these traditions in this new media work.

The Exhibit opens at the Darya Gallery on Saturday 11th November 2023, 4-7pm. It will be on display till January 20th 2024.

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