Green Hub & Food Forests


The idea is to set up local nurseries to grow urban food forests on land plots for water extraction and make a green hub programme to improve the collective impact of the food forest systems in the City of Karachi.


The food forest and tree-planting approach helps to grow produce, restore nature, create sustainable jobs and mitigate negative climate effects like flooding, droughts, degradation, loss of biodiversity, hunger, air pollution, urban heat island effects etc. Greening the city with food forests helps to restore natural balances and eco-systems, and to essentially care for species, people, and the planet.


We set-up a system of ‘open-source’ nurseries and green hub advice networks for participants who teach each other about sustainable land-management practices, how to pollinate and grow seedlings with no or very low costs, and how to design and grow urban food forests. As the food forests grow the green hub innovates and implements new regenerative projects to strengthen positive collective impact in the City of Karachi.

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