Malir River Group


The campaign is focused on combating ecocide caused by land developers and industrialists with government support. They aim to address the degradation of the river’s water quality, which is consumed by locals and used for farming, posing environmental and health risks.


The group is driven by the need to protect the river’s ecosystem, safeguard small farmers’ livelihoods, and hold responsible parties accountable for environmental violations. They engage in legal actions and work with funding agencies like ADB and FCDO to ensure environmental and social controls are enforced.


A group is coordinating a campaign to stop social and environmental violations of the Malir Expressway project in Karachi, Pakistan. The group includes local activists, environmentalists, small farmers, and government regulatory bodies such as SEPA, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, SEPT, and SHC, all dedicated to preserving the ecology of the Malir River.

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