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In response to a lackluster public transport system, Karachi has witnessed a substantial rise in vehicles contributing to climate degradation. According to a 2017 report by Dawn, around 700 motorcycles are registered in Karachi daily. The ongoing surge in vehicles relying on traditional fuel sources is a major contributor to the city’s deteriorating air quality. CAC advocates for the adoption of E-Bikes as a viable solution to address this environmental challenge.

Public Knowledge and Awareness​​​

CAC has embarked to spread the widespread use of e-bikes in the city through public awareness raising, advocacy and public reporting on e-bikes. CAC conducts public events such as e-bikes tests at educational institutes in collaboration with the e-bikes manufactering companies.


CAC engages in policy dialogue with government and companies in the private sector which will facilitate hassle-free consumer access to technology, charging stations and financing. The transition to electric motorcycles (E-Bikes) requires detailed dialogue with each stakeholder in arriving at optimum jointly worked-out policy options.


CAC is committed to conducting comprehensive research on the policy imperatives of E-Bike manufacturers, industry associations, and government departments. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to explore a range of policy options, all with the objective of making E-Bikes more accessible to consumers.

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