Climate Voices 2023 (COP28 White Paper Consultation

Climate Forward Pakistan (CFP), in collaboration with the Climate Action Center (CAC), organized a consultation session that brought together journalists, students, and environmental activists to prepare for its engagement in COP 28. The session commenced with an introduction by Durlabh Ashok, the director of Climate Forward Pakistan, covering key aspects of CFP, COP 28, and the workshop’s objectives. Subsequently, Sir Yasir Husain, the director of the Climate Action Center, delivered a concise presentation on the causes of climate change and air quality issues in Pakistan, along with potential solutions.

Subsequently, participants actively took part in a consultation activity, organized into groups, and presented with questions concerning COP 28. The valuable insights generated during this session will be integrated by Climate Forward Pakistan (CFP) into its white paper, slated to be launched during COP28 in Dubai, UAE.


Submission Recieved!