Bicycling Event at University of Karachi

Karachi University, in a collaborative effort with the Centre for Excellence for Women’s Studies, the Climate Action Centre (CAC), and Vlektra, recently organized a noteworthy event to encourage eco-friendly transportation among students. The initiative primarily focused on raising awareness among female students about the environmental benefits of sustainable transportation, which included teaching them to ride bicycles and introducing electric motorbikes (e-bikes) with zero carbon emissions.

The event showcased the commitment of Karachi University to address the challenges of environmental degradation and rising carbon emissions. A pilot project within the campus aims to donate 50 bicycles to students, promoting zero carbon emissions and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional modes of transport. E-bikes were also introduced to female students, furthering the mission of reducing the university’s carbon footprint.

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, emphasized the importance of cycling for physical health and reducing environmental pollution. He drew a connection between the lack of exercise culture and the increasing cases of diabetes and heart disease in Pakistan, underlining the broader impact of this initiative on public health.

The event not only encouraged eco-friendly transportation but also raised awareness of sustainable options, empowering female students to embrace cycling and e-bikes for a greener future. The installation of bicycle stands in various departments and the enthusiastic support of students, demonstrated through a bicycle rally, underscored the commitment to making eco-friendly transportation a norm.

In conclusion, Karachi University’s initiative sets a commendable example for other educational institutions, fostering a more sustainable and environmentally conscious campus while empowering female students and promoting healthy lifestyles. This event marks a significant step towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future for the university and its students.


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