Beyond the Surface- Plastic

The Climate Action Center (CAC) orchestrated an engaging workshop aimed at enlightening the minds of 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade students, along with the dedicated educators from Khadija Kazi Ali Memorial High School. The focus of this dynamic event was to instil a fundamental comprehension of the intricacies surrounding plastic and microplastic, fostering an environment of curiosity and awareness.

The workshop set out on a mission to elevate awareness and enrich students’ comprehension of the intricate journey of plastic, honing in on the profound impacts of plastic and microplastic on both our well-being and the delicate balance of our environment. Through captivating presentations, participants were immersed in the vital narrative of reducing plastic waste, actively immersing themselves in hands-on activities that unveiled the extent of their daily plastic consumption. Armed with vibrant pieces of paper, each student, uniquely represented by a specific color, chronicled their plastic usage, contributing to the creation of two visually striking boards that vividly portrayed individual consumption. This ingenious approach allowed us to intricately trace the daily plastic footprint of each student. To culminate this transformative experience, students were bestowed with certificates and keepsakes, tangible tokens of appreciation for their wholehearted participation. In its wake, the event not only sparked a flame of environmental consciousness but also fostered an atmosphere of enthusiastic student involvement that truly made a mark.

This workshop was facilitated by Ms. Maira Mumtaz who is working as a researcher in the Plastic Working Group at Climate Action Center.


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