GIS Workshop – Konkar

In a dynamic two-day event, participants at Konkar Library immersed themselves in the expansive world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Day 1 covered data, maps, and Google Maps & Earth Pro, setting the stage for a hands-on Day 2 field trip. Using Geo-tagging and Google Earth, students collaboratively addressed local challenges, translating observations into GIS maps.

This workshop equipped attendees with practical GIS skills and showcased the technology’s power in fostering positive community change, bridging theory and practice seamlessly. Following Day 2, Students acquired beginner proficiency in ArcGIS and went on a field trip to document the issues the area has been facing.

The workshop emphasized the synergy of technology and community engagement, highlighting GIS as a potent tool for addressing real-world challenges. The event served as a transformative experience, showcasing how GIS can be a catalyst for positive transformations at the local level.


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