Our Vision

Our vision is a world where climate consciousness is an integral part of daily life and culture. We aim to unite diverse groups, particularly youth and professionals, in embracing green perspectives, clean technologies, and healthy lifestyles through our creative space.

Our Initiatives

Green Energy

CAC spearheads two impactful green energy initiatives: ‘Re-energize Now’ and ‘Electric Motorcycles (E-Bikes)’. These initiatives are designed to swiftly transition from polluting to eco-friendly technology.

Air Quality

CAC remains actively involved in advancing the Clean Air Karachi Initiative (2021-22) through media engagement and workshops.

Digital Unit

The Digital Unit is a core function that emphasizes knowledge based on science   and data.Its focus includes urban data analysis, new technologies, civic tech, and reaching new online audiences.The Digital  Unit also hosts GIS Workshops for   using tech skills to   address climate issues.


 CAC provides legal support for   environmental issues, including engaging   with lawyers and   judges. This involves   briefing sessions, workshops and   advocacy meetings to enforce     current   laws that affect air quality, hygiene,   water, and other aspects of quality of life, based on national and Sindh’s   Environmental Quality Standards.

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